How to Keep Your Natural Hair Hydrated at Night with Black-Owned Brands

You’ve just started your natural hair journey and you’re so excited to be rocking twist-outs and bantu knots. 


But there’s a problem.


Your hair looks dry and frizzy every morning and your curls don’t last after a good night’s sleep. Maybe you’re doing something wrong because your friends and favorite natural hair YouTuber swear that they got to bed and wake up with their hair looking fresh and curls still intact.

So, what are others doing to keep their hair looking so fresh that you’re not? Or is it just a hoax that afro-textured hair can still look vibrant in the morning?


The truth is: Natural hair can still look as fresh as it did the night before. 


The difference between dry and vibrant hair is moisture loss, which natural hair is so prone to. So, the first step to having gorgeous, healthy hair is to avoid losing moisture at all costs. 


If you’re religiously using the best ways to take care of your natural hair during the day, then your nighttime routine just needs a little tweaking to keep the moisture locked in. 


So, what exactly do you do?


Remoisturize Before Going to Bed

Natural hair dries fast, and therefore, keeping it moisturized protects it from damage. So, remoisturizing your hair before going to sleep gives it back all the moisture lost during the day.


You can remoisturize your hair in one of two ways:

  • Spritzing water on it
  • Spraying a hair moisturizer


Water is your hair’s best friend. So, the more you wet your hair, the better and more vibrant it looks. 


Now, when going to bed, spritz some little water on your hair to add more moisture to it. Be careful though not to have it soaking wet because completely wet hair will only wet your bedding, and you don’t want that.

Alternatively, use hair moisturizers from black-owned brands like Crowne Life Hair Care (Hair Lemon Aid) and RoseBeaute Cosmetics (Hydrating Hair Mist). These moisturizers have water as their main ingredient, so they’ll be gentle on your hair.


Similarly, just a little moisturizer will go a long way in keeping your hair well hydrated.

Sleep on Satin

Studies show that satin material is less likely to absorb moisture from your hair. This is good news because you wouldn’t want anything stripping away the moisture you’re trying so hard to keep in your hair.


Now, a satin pillowcase allows your hair to slide smoothly on it keeping it from breaking.


Why is this important? Well, the most common pillowcase: the cotton pillowcase not only absorbs moisture from your hair, leaving it dry but also causes so much friction with your hair leading it to break. 


So, use sleep on a satin pillowcase and use satin sleeping bonnets to maintain moisture.

Keep Your Hair From Breakage

Since natural hair loses so much moisture, finding a way to lock it in is the best way to have healthy and vibrant hair.


So, remoisturize your hair every night to replace all the moisture it lost during the day. You can use the most readily available moisturizer–-water or use moisturizers from black-owned brands.


Also, sleep in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase to keep moisture locked in. Get the bonnet or pillowcase from black-owned brands because these brands have your best interest at heart and will offer you authentic satin.



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