At Oh It's Natural is a black-owned business focused on simple skincare. We make all-natural skincare, bath, and body products like face wash, oil, and body butter. All of our products are certified cruelty-free, and always free of artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances.

Oh It's Natural started in a home kitchen -- out of a pure need for better skin care products. Refusing to take another prescription drug with harmful toxins, our passion for the best natural ingredients and safe products was born.

We make plant-based skin care products and beauty tools for modern wellness-conscious people like you! That delivers fast, effective results without the hassle of long drawn-out skin care routines.


PJ Johnson started Oh It's Natural because she suffered from adult acne and could not find a remedy that worked. Using her grandmother's old-school herbal recipes, she added a modern scientific twist thereby creating her own natural acne and dark spot treatment.

She refused to accept the tumultuous cycle of taking prescription drugs that would temporarily stop the breakouts, only for them to reemerge later. PJ created Oh It's Natural to help others get clear skin naturally, that glows on the outside and confidence that radiates from the inside.

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