Greetings! I'm Dr. Anika Goodwin, the founder of OpulenceMD Beauty, a certified ophthalmologist, and a former enthusiast of glue-on lash extensions. However, after some time, these lash extensions caused significant harm to my natural lashes and I became dependent on them to achieve my desired appearance. This led me to break the vicious cycle and look for a better solution.

As a medical professional, I believe that we should not have to compromise our health for beauty. Unfortunately, the beauty industry often puts us in this position, particularly when it comes to the health of our eyes. It was then that I realized my background as a physician and a consumer gave me a unique opportunity to develop products that would liberate us from having to make such a difficult choice.

So, I'm thrilled to introduce OpulenceMD Beauty, a complete range of glue-free magnetic lashes, eye makeup, skincare, and tools designed to safeguard your eyes, simplify your beauty routine, and empower you with limitless self-confidence. Get ready to discover a better way to enhance your eyes.


Achieve your desired style without compromising your safety. Our products are carefully formulated and tested with the guidance of Dr. Anika Goodwin to provide gentle, safe beauty solutions that are easy to use.

Magnetic Lashes

No more glue, just glam! Our high-quality magnetic lashes are a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional options, and they won't harm your natural lashes.


Complete your lash routine with our magnetic liners, brow care products, and mascara that alerts you when it's time for a replacement.

Lid Care

Maintain healthy eyes with our ultra-mild cleansers, eye makeup removers, and physician-standard eye-safe SPFs.

Tools and Accessories

Experience a combination of convenience, creativity, and healthy eye care practices with our innovative tools and accessories.


Diabetes is currently one of the most prevalent chronic illnesses affecting Americans, and it can lead to eye damage over time. Regular eye screenings are crucial for managing diabetes, but unfortunately, access to these screenings may be limited or unavailable to some individuals. That's why every Double Lash Essentials Kit purchased at full price contributes towards sponsoring a free or low-cost diabetic screening exam.

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