ORIJIN CULTURE is an Afro Luxe fashion brand that is renowned for its iconic Africa-shaped bags. The brand celebrates the diversity and richness of Africa and the global influence of its culture. With a vision to share the African narrative through fashion, ORIJIN CULTURE's collections are designed to showcase self-love, pride, and a strong sense of identity, regardless of one's location or background.

According to Archyn Orijin, the founder and designer of ORIJIN CULTURE, the brand's mission is to cultivate a sense of unity and love through understanding, empowering people to reconnect with their heritage and culture with pride and style. The brand name, ORIJIN CULTURE, is an acronym that stands for "Our Root Is Just Inseparable, Nonetheless, Cultivating Unity, Love Through Understanding, Reconnecting Empowers," which reflects the brand's intentional and purpose-driven approach.

More than just a fashion brand, ORIJIN CULTURE is a culture, that provides a sense of belonging and connection for people from all walks of life. Whether in Africa or beyond, the brand seeks to inspire individuals to embrace their identity and celebrate their heritage with pride.

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