Dark Red Hair Edge Tattoo Sticker


From Black-Owned Brand, Afroanew Company.

Each Baby Hair sheet comes with 1 pair of edges, one for the right and left side of the head. The more you buy the more you save.


5 sheets – 10 Baby Hairs – $19.99

10 sheets – 20 Baby Hairs – $29.99

15 sheets – 30 Baby Hairs – $39.99

Sold By: Afroanew


Our Cosmetic Tattoos were especially designed to fit all head sizes naturally.


Step 1. Cut and Position

Cut around the border of the tattoo design. The tattoo can be customized to your hairline by cutting away any unnecessary areas. Apply close to the natural hairline. Remember to remove the protective film cover before placement. Apply tacky side down. Do not apply directly over natural hair. Do not apply over makeup. Apply to clean product/makeup free skin.


Step 2. Apply Water

Wet the backside of the tattoo. Apply gentle pressure for 15-30 seconds.


Step 3. Reveal

Peel away slowly and reveal your results. Slowly wipe away any excess adhesive on the natural hairline with a damp sponge/cloth wiping towards the hairline. Don’t worry if you get any excess in your hair, it easily wipes off, so that you can apply the design closely to your hairline. Apply any edge gel to natural hair line as needed/ or preference.


How to remove: 

When you are ready to change your baby hairs, they are easily removed by rubbing the forehead with a wet sponge in a circular motion using any alcohol based product such as astringent or makeup wipes.

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