Flipstik MagStik


From Black-Owned Brand, Flipstik. Price is subject to change.

The Flipstik is a Black-owned phone accessory that enables MagSafe functionality, wireless charging, and easy removal from vertical surfaces. It also offers additional articulation and quick rotation between portrait and landscape modes.

Sold By: FlipStik


About the Flipstik MagStik from Flipstik

The Flipstik is a Black-owned versatile phone accessory that allows for MagSafe functionality, including wireless charging and removability. It also provides additional articulation and can quickly rotate between landscape and portrait modes. What’s more, it features a unique Twist MagStik design that allows for easy removal when stuck to a vertical surface.

  • Allows for MagSafe functionality including wireless charging and removability
  • Provides additional articulation
  • Rotate quickly between landscape and portrait modes
  • Twist MagStik to remove easily when stuck to a vertical surface.

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