Hairbrella Classic Satin-Lined Waterproof Beanie


From Black-Owned Brand, Hairbrella. Price is subject to change.

Say hello to your hair’s new best friend – this waterproof satin-lined braid is designed to keep your hair healthy and happy in any weather condition.

Sold By: Hairbrella


About the Classic Satin-Lined Waterproof Beanie from Hairbrella

  • Satin-Lined: Protects hair from damage and breakage caused by harsh fabrics and extended wear.
  • Waterproof and Hydrophobic: This high-quality fabric is designed to keep moisture out, keeping your hair dry and safe in any weather situation.
  • Roomy interior: Designed to accommodate any hairstyle or hair type.
  • Premium Knit Fabric: This fabric was designed to withstand wear and tear and recover its original shape, even after multiple uses.

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Black, Cranberry, Tan

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