Hairbrella Satin-Lined Shower Cap


From Black-Owned Brand, Hairbrella. Price is subject to change.

The Hairbrella Shower Cap keeps your hairstyle fresh while you get clean, Prices Start at $34.99.

Sold By: Hairbrella


About this item

  • 100% Waterproof and Leak Proof: Our lightweight microfiber wicks away moisture making sure your strands are safe and secure.
  • Satin-Lined Interior: Style and substance, this luxurious material reduces friction to prevent breakage.
  • Satin-Lined Band for Edges: Protect your edges and ensure no strands are left stranded.
  • Roomy interior to accommodate varying hair lengths and textures.
  • Adjustable Band for a Secure Fit and protection from moisture and steam.

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Black, Leopard, Paloma

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