Magic Face Potion


Magic Face Potion


This retinol-free, hormone balancing, antioxidant face oil serum is a powerful self-care tool for maturing women who intend to move forward with vitality and clarity.

Including sea buckthorn, licorice root, evening primrose, frankincense, and essential oils, we have a strong and synergistic potion of botanical actives for:
  • Supporting natural collagen production
  • Quenching free radicals
  • Promoting cell turnover
  • Soothing adult acne and rosacea
  • Balancing hormones
  • Preventing blemishes and spots
  • Supporting scar healing
  • Replenishing after sun and wind exposure
  • Deep moisturizing

How To Use

After cleansing with one of our Face Care Powders, place 5-10 drops onto fingertips and massage together. Gently press oil onto clean and still moist face and neck. If applying to dry skin, mix with a few drops of pure or herbal water from Take a Breather steam in the palm of your hand before applying. If your skin is extra thirsty, use a little more. Listen to your skin, it will tell you how much it needs.

Absorbs beautifully and differently than an emulsified lotion, give it 30 extra seconds. If it does not absorb, please reduce the amount of application next time and remove excess with a gentle face cloth. We find that this serum is a wonderful moisturizer and that we do not need to use an additional moisturizer after using it. We also find that during some times of hormonal fluctuations, we want to use this magic more than once a day, whenever our face feels dry or tight.


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