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Make sure your business is ✓Verified on Black-Owned Association!

We are here to help your black-owned businesses get attention from website visitors and shoppers looking to support on our platform. Since we are using our name to help your business, we ask that you make sure your black-owned business is Verified when listing your business. This mean you need to complete the entire checkout process, whether it’s a free or paid listing.

Reasons you need a ✓Verified listing:

  • If there are any issues that come up with your business or listing, we have the ability to contact you. Issues include, but are not limited to:
    • Your business is not a black-owned business.
    • Your business is closed.
    • Customer(s) can not get in touch to report a problem.
  • Increases the confidence of our team and shoppers in your business.
    • The Black-Owned Association team can promote your black-owned listing with confidence. 
    • Helps our visitors shop with confidence on our platform.
  • Listings that are not Verified are not prioritized due to our small team. Unverified listings will be published as soon as we can get to it.
  • Listings that are Verified, complete with a logo, header image, description, and photos, attract more attention to their black-owned business on our Explore page.
  • Get free promotion throughout the website, on our social media platforms, and in our newsletters.

Although your listing will show up on the explore page, we do not promote listings that are not verified and your listing will not have a blue checkmark next to your business name. Approximately 95% of the black-owned businesses on this site are verified. The 5% that are not verified is mostly due to operator error. We hope to have that number at 100% in the near future. Contact Us if you had trouble getting your business verified.

How to ensure your listing will be ✓Verified.


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You can click the Claim Listing button on Your Black-Owned Business Listing.

If you have issues claiming a listing or do not have one, click one of the respective buttons below.

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