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Coral Springs, FL, Release: May 15, 2020. For immediate release

Consumers of all backgrounds are looking to find and support black-owned businesses more than ever. In hopes of making the connection easier, (BOA) was created and officially launched on May 15, 2020.

United we prosper!

As a BOA member, simply support the BOA Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), “United We Prosper”, and willingly participate in one or more of the following activities:

  • Join BOA by Listing Your Business
  • Buy Products & Services from Black-Owned Businesses
  • Share the BOA Website & BOA Member Listings
  • Rate Businesses on BOA
  • Encourage Black-Owned Businesses to Join BOA
  • Network with BOA Members
  • Participate in the Online BOA Member Discussion Forum
  • Share Resources: Relative & Helpful Content
  • And other activities that support the black community.

There is no obligation as a BOA member; black-owned businesses and consumers of all backgrounds are welcome to join the BOA Member network and community free of charge in order to support one another! The goals are simply “unity” and “prosperity” for all black-owned businesses and the entire black community. God willing, there is enough success and blessings to go around for everyone when we all work together.

More aggressive onboarding of black-owned business listings and other member listings will officially start this summer, 2020. As the BOA network grows, the introduction of many more mutually beneficial opportunities will be rolled out. In the meantime, we encourage black-owned businesses and other members of the community to be an early adopter and add a listing or creating an account! Tell your friends, family and strangers! And be sure to join the BOA community discussion to start some fun and important conversations!

Join BOA! It’s FREE. Plus, Get FREE Leads!​

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our merch shop. By joining the BOA network as a Signature or Premier member (extended marketing benefits for your black-owned business listing), you get a FREE BOA member T-Shirt!

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