AbsoluteJOI Lash Enhancing Peptide Serum


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Enhance your gaze with AbsoluteJOI’s Lash Peptide Serum. Formulated with Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 for fuller, thicker lashes. Gentle, prostaglandin-free, and perfect for recovering from extensions or a natural lash boost.

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AbsoluteJOI Lash Peptide Serum for Naturally Luxurious Lashes and Defined Brows

AbsoluteJOI proudly presents the Lash Enhancing Peptide Serum, a revolutionary solution for eyelash enthusiasts and those seeking fuller, healthier brows. This black-owned gem is meticulously formulated to redefine your beauty routine, addressing common concerns like thinning lashes and sparse brows.

The Power of Peptides

At the heart of this serum lies Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, a dynamic blend of biotin and amino acids. This powerful combination rejuvenates and nourishes your lashes, promoting length, fullness, and strength without the use of prostaglandins.

Conditioning Elegance

Our serum goes beyond enhancing appearance; it deeply moisturizes and conditions your lashes and brows. The infusion of Squalane and Vitamin E ensures not just fuller lashes but also a hydrated and noticeably thicker look.

AbsoluteJoi Lash Peptide Serum Easy Application

Say goodbye to harsh makeup removal rituals. Eyes Prixe, our Lash Enhancing Peptide Serum, makes its mark with effortless application. Just a simple swipe at the base of your lashes each night seamlessly integrates into your routine, promising long-term benefits for a radiant and vibrant look.

Antioxidant Boost

This unique formula, enriched with Coenzyme Q10, provides an antioxidant boost, supporting the overall health of your lashes and brows. Experience the daily enhancement of our Amino Acid Complex, ensuring your lashes receive the care they deserve. AbsoluteJOI cares for your delicate eye area. Gentle formula is free from prostaglandins, parabens, sulphates, dyes, or fragrances, making it suitable for all skin types.

Black-owned Excellence

Whether you’re recovering from lash extensions or yearning for a natural lash boost, AbsoluteJOI Lash Enhancing Peptide Serum promises to unveil the natural beauty of your lashes, adding a touch of elegance to your gaze. Discover the science of beauty with AbsoluteJOI and let your eyes shine with vitality.


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