Alaffia – Authentic African Black Soap | Eucalyptus Tea Tree


From Black-Owned Brand, Alaffia. Price is subject to change.

Special Ingredients  Shea-butter, Tea-tree-oil
Scent Eucalyptus Tea Tree
Age Range Adult
Skin Type Sensitive
Item Form Lotion
Sold By: Alaffia


About this item

  • Authentic African Black Soap is not simply the latest skin care trend; it is also detoxifying, clarifying, and gently cleanses while promoting healthy-looking hair and skin.
  • It can aid in acne treatment while also smoothing out skin texture.
  • This All-in-One body soap and face cleanser is a natural choice for men and women.
  • Authentic African Black Soap When used as a shampoo, it cleans the scalp, which promotes healthy hair and reduces dandruff.
  • Enjoy a clean, close shave as your razor glides over your skin. Leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.
  • Effectively cleanse all skin types, including dry, normal, and sensitive skin, while conditioning and hydrating your entire body from head to toe.

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32 Fl Oz

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