Bedroom Kandi Smooth Operator


From Black-Owned Brand, Bedroom Kandi. Price is subject to change.

The Black-Owned Brand, Bedroom Kandi, offers SMOOTH OPERATOR cream for intimate comfort. Apply, absorb, and stay fresh all day!

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About the Bedroom Kandi Smooth Operator from Bedroom Kandi

Smooth Operator is a product from the renowned Black-Owned Brand, Bedroom Kandi. The gentleman associated with Bedroom Kandi is known for his impeccable freshness and smoothness, and SMOOTH OPERATOR anti-chafe cream plays a significant role in maintaining his comfort.

Bedroom Kandi’s SMOOTH OPERATOR boasts a fast-absorbing formula designed to combat excess sweat and moisture. It excels at creating a protective, sheer barrier layer, effectively safeguarding sensitive skin from the discomfort of friction in intimate areas. This cream is lauded for its ability to go on smoothly without leaving any greasy residue, ensuring that the wearer enjoys comfort and a lasting feeling of freshness throughout the day.


  • Apply a small amount to personal areas where they experience chafing.
  • Massage the cream until it is fully absorbed into the skin.
  • Reapply as needed to maintain comfort and protection throughout the day.

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60 ml

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