Bedroom Kandi Sugah Daddy for Men


From Black-Owned Brand, Bedroom Kandi. Price is subject to change.

Sugah Daddy by Black-Owned Brand Bedroom Kandi is a pH-balanced intimate elixir, soothing and refreshing with a delightful citrus-fresh scent for all genders.

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About the Sugah Daddy for Men from Bedroom Kandi

Sugah Daddy, offered by Bedroom Kandi, a Black-Owned Brand, serves as a pH-balanced personal care enhancer and natural intimate elixir. It’s perfect for soothing and refreshing intimate areas and features a delightful citrus-fresh scent appealing to all genders.


  • Apply around 3 to 5 drops of Sugah Daddy to the palm.
  • Gently massage it onto personal areas and the surrounding skin.
  • Solidifies below 76ºF; warm between hands to liquify before use.
  • Incorporate into daily personal care routine for maximum enjoyment.

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30 ml

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