NURILENS is a sustainable handcrafted wooden eyewear company that was founded by CEO, Dr. Juliette Nelson, as a fusion of her love for eyewear and her lifelong appreciation for deep-rooted culture and timeless natural materials. Having traveled to different countries and lived in South Korea for one year, she was exposed to various fashionable and cost affordable eyewear options that allowed her to express her colorful personality and individuality.

As an Afro-Caribbean woman, through NURILENS, Juliette seeks to celebrate culture and identity in her customers. The brand also encourages customers to "see through the lens of their purpose" by stepping out as their best, authentic selves, making healthy decisions about their vision, and seeking to be purpose-oriented in what they do.


NURILENS seeks to combine style, performance, and sustainability by creating an experience that encourages self-expression, impact, and improved eye health.


We envision a world where people are empowered to express their identity, history, and culture with visibility, performance, and fashion all through a pair of eyewear.


We believe that our responsibility, as a brand, is not solely to sell a quality pair of frames. Each of our customers comes with a unique story and needs as it relates to their vision health. We are, therefore, committed to fostering an all-encompassing customer experience, involving our customers as a core piece of our community, and encouraging their self-expression and the calling to be impactful and vision oriented.

Celebrating people for who they uniquely are and involving them in the conversation about their eye health sits at the core of what we do.


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