LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls – Refresher Pack


From Black-Owned Brand, LooHoo. Price is subject to change.

Refresh your dryer’s efficiency. LooHoo’s black-owned brand offers a Refresher Pack with 2 to 4 reusable wool dryer balls in a cloth bag. Reduce dry time, save money, and choose packaging or go packaging-free.

Sold By: LooHoo


About the Wool Dryer Balls – Refresher Pack from LooHoo

Looking for LooHoo to refresh your dryer’s efficiency? Choose from 2 to 4 LooHoos in a reusable cloth bag with our Refresher Pack. LooHoos’s black-owned brand is committed to reducing dry time while saving you money, with the option to choose packaging or go packaging-free.

  • 100% natural wool
  • 10”, 2 oz.
  • Cost-effective
  • Pack of  2 or 4 LooHoos
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural and long-lasting
  • A reusable cloth bag
  • Beautiful range of colors including undyed versions.

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2, 4



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