Red Bay Coffee East Fourteenth Tanzanian Coffee Beans


From Black-Owned Brand, Red Bay Coffee. Price is subject to change.

Brand: Red Bay Coffee
Item Form: Whole Bean
Flavor: East Fourteenth
Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
Roast Level: Dark_roast
Sold By: Red Bay Coffee


Red Bay Coffee is a values-driven coffee company committed to providing outstanding coffee, inclusive business practices, and community development. Red Bay is dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and delivering the greatest and most beautiful coffee to people from seed to cup.

  • EAST FOURTEENTH – This rich, full-bodied, freshly roasted coffee highlights the skills of Ugandan coffee cooperatives and, for us, embodies the whole story of International Blvd. Flavors evoke blackberry, dark chocolate, and dates for a delicious brew. Our dark roast East Fourteenth whole bean coffee provides a rich, dark roast with a full-body taste.
  • AWARD-WINNING COFFEE – Red Bay Coffee has won many medals at Golden Bean North America, the world’s largest coffee roaster competition. Red Bay is dedicated to finding, roasting, and providing the greatest and most beautiful single-origin whole bean coffee to people from seed to cup. We work globally to source high-quality, sustainable and direct-trade coffee.
  • TASTING PROFILE – Each cup of East Fourteenth dark roast coffee beans has a taste profile that includes blackberry, dark chocolate, and date flavors.
  • WHOLE BEAN SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE – Red Bay East Fourteenth is sourced directly from Sweet Unity Farms in East Africa Our entire coffee beans are sourced directly from sustainable farms that promote local agricultural development.
  • ROASTED IN OAKLAND – Our coffee is roasted in Oakland, and it’s packaged in a sealed, resealable pouch with a one-way degassing valve to keep it fresh for up to 90 days.

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