ALittlePeace is a black woman-owned Therapeutic Self-care company that focuses on Restorative Healing.  We handcraft 100% pure and natural plant-based eczema care, hair care, skin care, and herbal tea products that contain no steroids or preservatives, for those who seek to live a natural lifestyle and invest in themselves.

Our vision is to help hearts heal and relieve stress and anxiety of everyday life by supporting the body's natural healing process to encourage synergy, harmony, and balance.

Connecting with natural elements in our therapeutic self-care essentials can support the body on the deepest levels, like reducing inflammation, improving blood flow, easing stress, and encouraging sleep.


Niki Love's passion for self-care routines foreign to 21st-century medicines and her belief that the Creator provides everything we need is the foundation on which ALittlePeace was founded.

By learning from her experiences and healing journey, Love helps others heal through the works of her intense faith, the nature used to forge her products, and her gift to be a healer, her authentic self.

We wish you a complete healing!

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  • February 25, 2024 7:09 am local time

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