7 Black-Owned Bakeries You Need to Try in 2021

Whether you are looking to indulge in sweet treats for comfort or planning a special occasion, Black-Owned Association has some of the best black-owned bakeries and bakers listed for you to choose from. Many of these bakery businesses offer same-day delivery and pick-up, as well as fast shipping. So, check out these bakery brands that we think you should know about and try out soon!

The Pudding Goddess is a black-owned bakery like no other. That pudding immediately takes you to seventh heaven right from your very first taste. You get to indulge in surreal sweet vanilla-flavored custard pudding paired with Nilla wafers layered with heavenly honey and fresh bananas in luxe jar packaging. Savor the flavor of strawberry, biscuit pudding that takes you sky high where you feel the comfort and breeze of a fluffy, comfortable cloud. This blissful pudding comes in various sizes and flavors!

There are two ways to order: (1) from the standard menu; or (2) through a special-order request. The standard menu consists of three different sizes: (1) Major, which serves two to three people; (2) Grand, which serves six to eight people; and (3) Goddess Deluxe, which serves up to 15 people.

Numerous celebrities love this infamous banana pudding that is nothing short of a transformative experience. DJ, D-Nice, dubbed it “pudding after dark.” Former MTV VJ LA LA is a loyal customer, as well as Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Other notable entertainers, from Kelly Rowland to Cassie, voted it as their favorite pudding.

The Pudding Goddess is based in Los Angeles and ships nationwide. 

Bakery #2: Good Krispy

Welcome to Good Krispy, home of the good krispy where gourmet homemade Rice Krispy treats are made to order at this one-stop-shop and black-owned bakery. Savor your sweet tooth with endless mouthwatering flavors with a menu consists of Strawberry Shortcake, S’mores, The Classic, Coco Deluxe, Feeling Lucky, and Cinnamon Crunch – all of which feel luxuriant, to say the least. The key ingredient is marshmallows, which puts it all together. These Rice Krispy treats are just divine!

Good Krispy is based in Las Vegas but ships nationwide within two days in order to ensure freshness. Free shipping is also available for any order over $30.

Bakery #3: Canvas & Cake

Mary Graham, the owner of Canvas & Cake, is a courageous cake creative, if not audacious cake artist. Her intricate and ornate homemade desserts will tantalize your taste buds and they come in every flavor imaginable. Try them for any occasion or none at all!


Mary is a curator of cakes that includes a contemporary, yet classic three-layered Red Velvet cake is to die for! The German Chocolate cake is delicious and dainty. Her custom cakes are tactically piped with rich buttercream frosting in exquisite and unconventional designs that satisfy your sweet tooth. And Mary’s wedding cakes, such as the tiered white wedding cake with just a few floral details, are stylish and sophisticated.

The birthday cakes are the life of any party – think fuzzy, quirky birthday cakes. For instance, a foxy lady cake is just the right level of kitsch. And the custom birthday cakes from this black-owned bakery are meticulously made to perfection from the Grinch to Pikachu.

Desserts and Sweet Treats

Mary bakes a tasty variety of desserts and other tasty treats such as cute cowgirl cookies and pretty pink glazed donuts as well. The dessert options at her bakery are endless – from chocolate and peanut butter fudge candy to heart-shaped milk and dark chocolate brownies. Plus, the incredible pecan pie bars bring pure bliss as well as the impeccable bread that is unlike any other.

Bakery #4: Elevation Cakes LLC

Alicia, the owner of Elevation Cakes, is an amazing artist and baker with cakes that are next level. Her bakery is aptly named Elevation Cakes and Sweets because it stands out from the rest by taking you higher with every bite. This perfectionist baker makes sure her cakes are ultra-moist and tasty and offers a wide range of desserts that are made for any occasion and any number of people in mind. Cakes come in various sizes, from the baby cake, or mini cake which can serve up to four people, to the layered cake serves up to 12 people and possibly more!

Wedding services from this black-owned bakery include wedding cake testing via zoom. You will be able to select three cake and icing flavors to be paired together, as well as three optional fillings.

  1. The strawberry cake with creamy salted caramel drips has a distinct, unique taste that you must try.
  2. The almond wedding cake with cream cheese filling and vanilla macarons is a great addition to any wedding.
  3. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcakes will elevate your taste buds.

Be sure to try the heart geode cake gems made with chocolate truffles it’s an experience that’s filled with whimsy. The macaroons are Instagram-worthy. The salty and sweet chocolate dipped pretzels are life-savers. And the chocolate cake paired with pecans and chocolate frosting is delightfully sinful.

Britt’s Banana Delight is a black-owned bakery based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is a hundred percent guaranteed to bless your tastebuds. Britt Cameron’s banana bread comes from her late mother’s secret recipe all the way from Montego Bay, Jamaica. Her banana bread comes in different sizes and flavor variations.

The menu is full range; it consists of the junior loaf, mini loaf, large loaf, holiday loaf, and banana cake. The add-ons are almonds, pecans, walnuts coconut shredding, raisins, milk chocolate chips, drizzled condensed milk. The infusions that can be added are Appleton, banana rum, banana rum cream, coconut rum, white rum, Hennessy, and red label wine. Custom banana birthday cake orders can be taken on Saturday night and Sunday. This exciting and flavorful banana bread will be your next kitchen staple!

Bakery #6: Peace of Pieces, LLC

Peace of Pieces, LLC was established in 2016 by Jordan Johnson, a self-taught baker that cares about all the details with her personal touches. Jordan’s desserts are unforgettable, and her gratifying black-owned bakery offers a plethora of desserts with unique flavors which harmonize together in unexpected ways.

Peace of Pieces’ menu is full ranges from demure yet dynamite chocolate brownies to Nutella stuffed cookies. The number of cookies on the menu is countless. The Baker’s Choice is a cookie like no other! Plus, there are sugar cookies, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, and red velvet cookies just to name a few. If you are a cheesecake lover, you must try the banana foster cheesecake. An honorable mention is the banana pudding with strawberry which is always fresh and delicious!

Peace of Pieces, LLC is based in St. Louis County, Florissant, Missouri, but ships nationwide through UPS.

Bakery #7: Bewitched Brownies

If you are ready to try a new sweet treat you are in the right place! Bewitched Brownies specializes in creating handmade decadent brownie cookies that come in a variety of flavors. This home-based bakery business is run and operated by a mother-daughter duo, Alicia and Amiaya. Their offering adds a unique twist to the traditional brownie dessert. Once you try their desserts, you will certainly take on a new indulgence for your sweet tooth.

Alicia and Amiaya of Bewitched Brownies are generous with their options. You can create a variety pack where you can mix and match any six flavors of your choice. Or you can simply try their 5-star rated Cookies N Creme, Sweet & Salty, or Chocolate Lover’s brownie cookies, which are all absolutely delicious, moist, and flavorful.

They also offer catering services where their brownie cookie treats are sure to be a hit at your next party, special event, or corporate meeting. Let’s not forget the packaging, which is stunning, and personalized with a handwritten card. It is a great touch – especially for gift giving. 

Bewitched Brownies’ licensed home-based bakery located in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, rest assured that your order of sweet treats will arrive in a timely manner and completely fresh! You don’t have to take our word for it; just read the reviews!

We hope you get to enjoy one or more of these black-owned bakery brands that we recommend that you try. Our platform is growing every day. So, just visit our explore page to search for other bakery businesses listed on Black-Owned Association.

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