Quick Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin Using Black-Owned Products

Having healthy and glowing skin is every woman’s dream, and often, it seems so far-fetched — with acne always appearing, having dark spots where acne heals, and hyperpigmentation. It’s so frustrating when you’ve done everything you could to make your skin glow, but it still looks dull. There are products that you can use for your skin to help it get that healthy glow you want. However, for melanated skin, not all products are reliable because some may end up damaging it instead. So, choose products for your skin carefully by checking to see if they’re made exclusively for melanated skin. You can get such products from black-owned brands.


Here’s the kicker: products alone won’t give you the results you want. But a combination of a few healthy habits and the right products will. So, today, we’ll look into two effortless habits you can start on right away to get that healthy and glowing skin.


Ready? Let’s get to it.

Tip #1: Exfoliate Once in a While for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Exfoliate every so often to eliminate dead cells and dirt that may be clogging your skin. Doing so helps the skin to breathe better, which ultimately helps it look healthy and glowing. When choosing an exfoliator, ensure it’s fine-grained and that it has environmentally-friendly beads. One exfoliator for melanated skin is the Chocolate Expresso & Oatmeal Sugar Scrub by Body Laine Essentials.

Chocolate Espresso and Oatmeal Sugar Scrub
Chocolate Expresso & Oatmeal Sugar Scrub by Body Laine Essentials

Tip #2: Eat a Balanced Diet

Image by cattalin from Pixabay

You know for a fact that eating unhealthy foods leads to people having weight and health issues. But did you know that it also makes you age faster and have more wrinkles?


To avoid this, eat a healthy, well-balanced diet every day because it goes miles in repairing your skin and giving it that healthy glow you’re seeking. Now, a healthy diet comprises proteins, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.


Some of the most recommended foods for healthy and glowing skin include:

  • fatty fish, like those from My Fish Stop, because they have Omega 3, which helps reduce inflammation that causes acne.
  • sweet potatoes because they contain antioxidants that protect your skin from dryness and sunburns.
  • avocados because they have Vitamins C and E which keep your skin healthy.

Healthy and Glowing Skin is Attainable

Having healthy and glowing skin may seem like a far-fetched dream, but it isn’t. All you need is a few healthy habits, and you’re on your way to having skin that you can be proud of.


So, take the time to prepare a healthy meal everyday and strive to add foods that have nutrients that help repair and rejuvenate your skin. Also, make a point of exfoliating your skin every so often because it helps you eliminate dirt and dead skin that clog your skin pores and make it look dull and sickly.


Over and above these healthy routines, make sure you’re using the right products for your skin. You can find some of the best products for melanated skin from this list of black-owned brands.

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