Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens With 50 Pieces of Tattoo Stencil Paper


From Black-Owned Brand, Vanli’s. Price is subject to change.

Brand Vanli’s
Size 13 Count
Water Resistance Level  Water Resistant
Number of Pieces 63
Age Range Adult

Sold By: Vanli's


About the Temporary Tattoo Pens With Tattoo Stencil Paper from Vanli’s

  • Temporary body tattoo skin markers are specially designed to reveal vibrant and beautiful colors on the skin.
  • Six (6) original fine felt pens and seven (7) metallic brush pens are included
  • Express yourself with a variety of tattoo stencil papers included in the pack
  • 50 unique designs, enough for friends and family to join in the fun
  • You will be pleased with the performance of high-quality tattoo markers.

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13 Count

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