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How Supports Black-Owned Businesses During Black Business Month—and Year-Round

In a world where e-commerce giants like Amazon often take center stage, emerges, presenting a beacon of hope and a unique promise: to put Black-owned businesses and their stories at the heart of our mission, celebrating their rich legacy and inspiring future success. In response to Amazon’s “How Amazon supports Black-owned businesses during Black Business Month—and all year long,” we are proud to spotlight the distinct and pioneering ways is leading the charge, setting a new standard for empowering Black entrepreneurs.


Black Business Month is more than just a celebratory period for Black entrepreneurs—it’s a testament to the resilience, innovation, and unyielding spirit of the Black community. At, our dedication isn’t merely limited to a month; it’s year-round. In this article, we outline our unwavering commitment and initiatives designed to uplift Black businesses, spotlighting their value and ensuring their flourishing growth.

Rooted in Community

At the heart of lies a genuine commitment to the Black community. It’s not just about platform provision; it’s about active engagement, meaningful investment, and tangible support. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t merely advocate for the cause; we are an integral part of it. We have invested substantial amounts in both time and funds to support our platform. Through well-targeted advertisements, meticulous use of tools, and resource allocation, we have successfully aggregated quality traffic, driving potential customers directly to Black-Owned Brands. Recognizing the struggles and challenges many Black-owned startups and small businesses face, especially in their initial phases, we’ve initiated giveaways to engage the community and foster brand loyalty. Furthermore, we offer reduced-price advertising, ensuring these budding enterprises gain the visibility they deserve without straining their limited resources. Our actions underscore our belief that supporting Black businesses isn’t just a hashtag or a trend; it’s a long-term commitment, a promise we’ve woven into the very fabric of our platform.

A Platform Beyond Sales

While e-commerce is a vital aspect of our platform, we are more than just a sales channel for Black-owned businesses. At the core of is the commitment to telling the authentic stories of Black entrepreneurs, ensuring their narratives resonate far and wide. Our reach on social media has become a beacon of hope and a spotlight for Black-Owned brands, garnering attention and generating buzz. But our advocacy doesn’t stop there.


Understanding the vast potential of diverse marketing channels, we offer businesses opportunities to amplify their presence through avenues like email marketing, paid search efforts, and social media promotions. Our “BOA Black Business Spotlight” package, often made available at discounted rates, has been instrumental in propelling Black brands to prominence.


But our vision to champion Black businesses extends even further. With the launch of, we’ve created a dedicated space where Black entrepreneurs can submit their unique content, ensuring their stories and brand messages are heard, seen, and celebrated. As we continue our journey, we are consistently on the lookout for innovative methods to highlight and support Black businesses, ensuring that they not only achieve commercial success but also leave an indelible mark on the community and the world at large.

Diverse Partnerships for Holistic Support

At, we’re firm believers that progress is amplified through collaboration. Recognizing the multifaceted challenges Black entrepreneurs face, we’ve established partnerships across various sectors to ensure comprehensive support.


One of our most noteworthy collaborations is with Guava, a Black-owned digital banking and networking platform crafted specifically for Black small business owners. This partnership underscores our commitment to ensuring that Black businesses not only thrive in the market but also have financial structures and networking opportunities to support their growth.


Furthermore, our alliance with Pepper Startup Grant and other similar initiatives offers a beacon of hope for many Black-owned businesses seeking financial support. These grant opportunities, which are integral to our platform, provide the much-needed capital infusion that many startups and small businesses require to scale, innovate, and sustain.


By aligning with organizations and initiatives that share our vision, we reinforce our commitment to the Black entrepreneurial community, ensuring they receive a well-rounded support system that addresses both their immediate and long-term needs.

Resource-Driven Support for Black Entrepreneurs

Navigating the complex world of entrepreneurship demands not just vision but also guidance, relevant resources, and consistent learning. Recognizing this intricate landscape, stands as a beacon of support for Black entrepreneurs.


Our platform is rapidly emerging as a central hub for invaluable content tailored to empower and educate. We offer insightful marketing strategies to help Black businesses effectively reach their target demographics and provide critical insights into funding opportunities specifically designed for Black-owned ventures.


Beyond just marketing, our extensive collection of resources ensures that every Black entrepreneur associated with our platform possesses the necessary knowledge, tools, and insights to make well-informed decisions. This commitment ensures they’re equipped to tackle challenges head-on and guide their business toward enduring success.

Showcasing Local Businesses: A Call for More to Join the BOA Family

The beauty of the Black entrepreneurial spirit is evident in its vast diversity, spanning a wide range of sectors, services, and specialties. At, we’re dedicated to giving these diverse businesses the spotlight they deserve.


On our ‘explore‘ page, visitors can embark on a journey of discovery, meeting hundreds of local businesses that capture the essence of Black entrepreneurship. From expert consultants to unique boutique retail shops, each listing stands as a testament to the creativity, dedication, and resilience inherent in Black business owners.


But these listings are more than just names and addresses. They represent stories of ambition, perseverance, and dreams coming to life. We’re proud to elevate these local businesses, fostering community connections and driving support. Yet, we know there’s even more untapped potential out there. We invite more local Black-owned businesses to join us, share their narrative, and further enrich our platform’s tapestry of entrepreneurial excellence.

Explore Amazing Black-Owned Businesses In Top Locations Near You Support Local And Shop Black

Commitment to Accessibility

At, accessibility isn’t just a buzzword; it’s an inherent aspect of our mission. Our commitment to ensuring that every Black entrepreneur, regardless of their background, location, or business stage, has access to the tools and resources they need is unwavering.


Digital Navigation and Education: Recognizing that the digital landscape can be daunting for many, especially for those new to the world of online business listings, we’ve crafted how-to videos. These guides offer step-by-step instructions, ensuring businesses optimize their listings for the best results. Whether you’re a seasoned digital native or a newcomer to online platforms, these resources are designed to simplify, guide, and maximize your business’s visibility.


Economic Accessibility: We believe that every Black business, irrespective of its size, deserves a fair chance at success. With this ethos in mind, we frequently offer advertising opportunities at discounted rates. This approach ensures that even startups or businesses operating on tight budgets have avenues to enhance their reach and visibility without facing financial strain.


Global Reach: Our vision of Black entrepreneurship isn’t confined by borders. welcomes Black-owned businesses from across the globe. Whether you’re based in the bustling streets of New York, the vibrant markets of Lagos, or the scenic landscapes of Sydney, as long as your Black-owned business status is verifiable, our platform is open for you. This international scope not only widens the diversity of listings on our platform but also truly celebrates the global spirit of Black entrepreneurship.

Supporting Genuine Advocates for Black Businesses

While platforms like Amazon have made efforts to support Black-owned businesses, it’s vital for the community to understand the deeper dynamics at play. Corporate giants may appear as allies, but it’s essential to analyze the depth of their commitment and the authenticity of their intentions. is more than just a platform; it’s a movement, an unwavering commitment to Black entrepreneurs. Unlike major corporate entities that might blur the lines between supporting and overshadowing Black-owned businesses, our platform works to uplift, not overshadow. We don’t aim to assimilate or take Black-owned businesses’ customers away. Instead, our objective is clear and direct: drive consumers straight to the doors of Black entrepreneurs, ensuring they reap the maximum benefits.


In an age where corporate giants dominate the market, it’s easy to be swayed by their vast resources and expansive reach. However, it’s imperative for the community to remember and prioritize platforms like Our heart beats in sync with every Black entrepreneur, and our successes are intrinsically linked. By supporting smaller, dedicated platforms, the community can ensure that the spotlight remains where it genuinely belongs: on Black-owned businesses and their incredible journey.

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