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Aug 19
How BlackOwnedAssociation.com Boosts Black Entrepreneurs 365 Days a Year

Discover how BlackOwnedAssociation.com goes beyond the superficial support to empower Black entrepreneurs year-round. From tailored mentorship programs to championing local businesses, our community-driven platform celebrates the essence of Black business empowerment.

Aug 07
Black-Owned Food Brands: Quality Products Worth Savoring

Get ready to explore enticing foodie journeys with exceptional black-owned food brands. Savor the flavors, appreciate the quality, and embrace the diversity of these culinary masterpieces!

Feb 10
Discover & Celebrate the Trailblazing Works of Black Entrepreneurial Authors

Black entrepreneurship has been a hallmark of excellence and innovation for generations. Despite facing significant obstacles, including systemic racism and prejudice, African American entrepreneurs have consistently demonstrated an unwavering determination to succeed and make a lasting impact. This same spirit of perseverance and drive is evident in the works of African American authors who have […]

Feb 09
Maximizing Your Impact: How Consumer Spending Can Drive Growth and Empowerment for Black-Owned Businesses

The role of consumer spending in supporting Black-owned businesses and the importance of making conscious purchasing decisions The Black community has faced systemic hurdles and discrimination that have hindered their ability to build wealth and attain financial stability. In recent years, there has been a growing movement to support Black-owned businesses as one way to […]

Nov 25
Meet Black Businesses Wherever They Are To Buy Black – Direct Or Amazon

One of the main goals at BlackOwnedAssociation.com is to help consumers discover black businesses and buy black regardless of the platform. BlackOwnedAssociation.com prides itself on giving black business owners control over the prospective customers we refer out. This means that black businesses that partner with BlackOwnedAssociation.com get to keep their valuable customer insights safer from […]

May 17
It’s Our 2nd Anniversary! Let’s Celebrate Black-Owned Businesses!!

It’s our Anniversary week! And to celebrate our two-year anniversary, Black-Owned Association is launching our marketplace for black-owned businesses and brands to promote their products and services! Black-Owned Association is proud to start an alternative marketplace option to giant eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, that make it hard for small businesses like yours […]

May 28
2 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Natural Hair Using Black-Owned Brands Now!

“Natural hair is so hard to maintain. It dries fast, breaks easily and shrinks often.”  I bet you’ve heard this statement before. Well, the statement is true to some extent –- natural hair dries fast and breaks easily –- but it’s not hard to maintain.  Actually, most black women have lately started attesting to how […]

Apr 27
7 Black-Owned Shoe & Accessory Brands You Need to Know

Black-Owned Shoe Brands: Step into Style and Empowerment! In the world of fashion, where the vast seas of brands continuously churn out the latest styles, there’s a wave of designers and entrepreneurs making head-turning splashes, and they’re doing it with panache, authenticity, and a deep-rooted sense of community. Enter the realm of black-owned shoe brands […]

Apr 09
Reasons To Include Skin Toner From Black-Owned Brands In Your Skincare Regimen Now

If you’re like most people, you may have a skin toner but don’t use it because you don’t know how invaluable it is. Or you may be among those who think that a skin toner dries and irritates the skin, so you don’t use one. But wait, what exactly does a skin toner do? A […]

Apr 03
Do You Really Need Both a Moisturizer and Serum for Your Skincare Routine?

Do you need both a moisturizer and serum for your skincare routine, really? Yes, you do.   Most people often think that you should use one or the other because they mistakenly believe that these products serve the same purpose on your skin — which isn’t the case. A moisturizer and serum serve different purposes […]

Mar 26
Choosing the Best Cleanser or Face Wash for Your Skin Type Using Amazing Black-Owned Brands

A cleanser or face wash, which one should you use for your face? It depends on your skin type and what you want to accomplish for your skin.   Contrary to popular belief, a cleanser and face wash serve different purposes when cleaning your skin, even if they both help to rid your face of […]

Mar 15
How to Get Rid of Acne Using Black-Owned Brands

Do you feel like the more you cover up acne with makeup, the worse it gets, but you do it anyway because you feel like it is the only option you have?   Well, you don’t have to anymore.   The good news is you can actually get rid of acne completely and have that […]

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