Meet Black Businesses Wherever They Are To Buy Black – Direct Or Amazon

One of the main goals at is to help consumers discover black businesses and buy black regardless of the platform. prides itself on giving black business owners control over the prospective customers we refer out. This means that black businesses that partner with get to keep their valuable customer insights safer from product hijackers that use their vendors’ marketplace insights to prey on and steal from small business owners with limited resources. Many small businesses have reported experiencing product hijackings when working with marketplace giants that own large portions of the eCommerce market share. And we simply want to help consumers find a black business to shop with, not to create more unethical competition.

Whether it is to the direct brand’s website or to another marketplace, sends prospective customers that visit our directory of black businesses to whichever secure platform the black-owned brands have the means to meet customers at. We can’t wait for the perfect scenario to get the buy Black movement going stronger. At this point, it’s simple – buy black by any means, especially for the African-American community!

Meet Black businesses wherever they are to buy Black - even if it's on Amazon.

Ideally, many buyers would love to not only buy Black but to buy Black on a Black-owned platform like The reality is, the competition is tough and certainly not fair. Amazon is a huge platform with millions of Prime subscribers that get products delivered conveniently in two days or less. If you are serious about the buy black mission, perhaps you can pay a little extra for the shipping and grow a little more patience as you may have to wait for your products to arrive a little longer, especially if the business has not been around long. You’d be surprised how many black-owned businesses pride themselves on fast shipping though.

For last-minute items when you are in a hurry, that is when you can give yourself a pass to go the alternate route and buy black on Amazon if you can’t buy black locally. Since we can’t beat them yet, we will join them…for now. We have to start somewhere. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We curated this list of products on Amazon from Black-owned businesses in a day, however. And you should check out the products in our Amazon “buy black” list in the meantime while we build “Rome”. 😉

In the land of obstacles and underserved opportunities in our black community, our black men, black women, and black entrepreneurs continue to unite and prosper against all odds.  Keep pushing forward and buying black on Amazon as an alternative until we are powerful enough to wean off of our Amazon Prime subscriptions and thrive with our own platforms.  ✊🏿✊🏼✊🏽 ✊🏻✊🏾

“If they buy on, then they are Amazon’s customer. If they buy at Walmart, they are Walmart’s customer. They’re not your customer until they know who you are, and they choose to come back to you.”

Do you prefer to Buy Black on Amazon?

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