Do You Really Need Both a Moisturizer and Serum for Your Skincare Routine?

Do you need both a moisturizer and serum for your skincare routine, really?

Yes, you do.


Most people often think that you should use one or the other because they mistakenly believe that these products serve the same purpose on your skin — which isn’t the case. A moisturizer and serum serve different purposes on your skin, but when used together, they help you get that healthy, glowing skin, so many of us aim for.


But there’s a caveat: you should apply them correctly. The order of application is essential because it can mean the difference between getting the healthy and glowing skin you want and there not being any real difference on your skin. Moreover, you should use the right products, especially those that are friendly to melanated skin.


So, today, we’ll look into what each product is meant to do for your skin, why you really need to use both the serum and moisturizer for your skincare routine, and how to apply them correctly.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

What’s the Purpose of a Moisturizer and Serum?

A moisturizer’s primary focus is hydrating your skin. So, moisturizers like this Vitamin C moisturizer from Dermaglorx are generally thick creams and oils that help to seal in water to your skin with the help of an oil sealant.

DermagloRX Skin Care Vitamin C Moisturizer
DermagloRX Skin Care Vitamin C Moisturizer

In contrast, a serum like this Hydrating Facial serum from Angie Watts is made up of active ingredients like organic Marula oil, Chia seed oil, and organic Moringa seed oil that address particular problems in your skin like wrinkles and aging caused by UV rays. 


Now, for a serum to penetrate your skin better, it’s thinner and lighter.


With an understanding of what each product does…

Do You Really Need Them Both for Your Skincare Routine?

Yes, you need them both if you have dry skin. You’ll need a serum to address issues associated with dry skin like wrinkles and ashy skin. Then a moisturizer will help you lock in the little water you have on your skin.


Additionally, you can use both the serum and moisturizer to get smoother, healthier skin. This way, the serum’s active ingredients will help repair your skin at a cellular level, and your moisturizer will help you keep you looking hydrated and healthier.

How do you apply these products the right way?

Now, when you use both the serum and moisturizer, you need to apply them in the correct order to get the maximum benefit they offer. Here’s how to do it right. Apply your serum on freshly cleansed skin, then apply your moisturizer over the serum.

Angie Watts FACE All Natural Hydrating Facial Serum
Angie Watts FACE All Natural Hydrating Facial Serum

You start with the serum because if you start with the moisturizer, it will create a barrier on the skin to help hold the water in. Now, this barrier will keep the active ingredients of the serum from reaching your skin. So, you won’t get the maximum benefit you should. 


Pro tip: You should apply your skincare products from the thinnest to the thickest.

Do You Want Healthy and Hydrated Skin?

Then use both the serum and moisturizer in your skincare routine. We’ve established that using these products together will be fantastic for your skin because you’ll repair it while keeping it hydrated, which helps you have healthy, glowing skin.


But don’t take our word for it. Find the serum and moisturizer suitable for your skin from this list of black-owned brands and try it for yourself. Then drop a comment on the results you got.


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