Choosing the Best Cleanser or Face Wash for Your Skin Type Using Amazing Black-Owned Brands

A cleanser or face wash, which one should you use for your face?

It depends on your skin type and what you want to accomplish for your skin.


Contrary to popular belief, a cleanser and face wash serve different purposes when cleaning your skin, even if they both help to rid your face of dirt, oil, makeup, and debris that accumulates on it.


A cleanser, like Arbria’s Facial Cleanser from Arbria Creations, gently cleanses your face, while a face wash, like Carmella Marie Foaming Face Wash from Ad Beauty & Hair, deeply cleanses it.


Another significant difference between the two is what you do after applying them to your skin – you rinse off a face wash with water while you wipe off a cleanser with a washcloth or towel.


Moreover, one will strip away oil from your skin while the other will moisturize and hydrate it. So, it’s imperative to choose the right product for your skin type.


Having the main differences between a cleanser and a face wash in mind, which one, then, is best for your skin type? And why will it work on your skin? Let’s discuss this further.


A face cleanser’s purpose is to remove dirt, makeup, and oil that accumulates on your face throughout the day while moisturizing and hydrating it. So, it’s gentle on your skin.

arbrias facial cleanser
Arbria's Facial Cleanser

Adding to that, a fantastic cleanser should have ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerine that nourish your skin and improve moisture levels.


What’s more, a cleanser doesn’t strip away oil from your skin because it doesn’t have foaming properties, which makes it an excellent choice for people with dry and sensitive skin, or those with normal or combination skin types.

Face Wash

A face wash’s purpose is to deeply clean your skin to remove deep-seated dirt and debris or oil.


A face wash foams when applied to your skin, which helps to clean your face better. Furthermore, it has ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid which help clean your pores by removing dirt that accumulates on your skin.


Moreover, these ingredients also help to dissolve sebum which makes your face oily, and bacteria that cause acne breakouts.

Carmella Marie Foaming Face Wash
Carmella Marie Foaming Face Wash from Ad Beauty Hair

Due to its foaming and deep cleaning ability, it’s best suited for people with oily skins because an oil-strip is advantageous to their skins or those prone to acne.

Choose the Best Product for Your Skin Type

As you can see, each product has a specific purpose on your skin. So, it’s crucial to use the right product to get the best results on your skin.

Now, a face wash helps to unclog your pores by cleaning deeply into your skin. It also helps reduce oil acne on your skin by dissolving sebum and the bacteria that cause acne. So, it’s fantastic for oily and acne-prone skin.

Conversely, a cleanser helps remove dirt, makeup, and oil on your skin’s surface while moisturizing and hydrating it. Therefore, it’s excellent for dry and sensitive skin.

So, to effectively clean and keep your skin healthy and hydrated, choose the best product from this list of black-owned brands.



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