2 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Natural Hair Using Black-Owned Brands Now!

“Natural hair is so hard to maintain. It dries fast, breaks easily and shrinks often.” 


I bet you’ve heard this statement before.


Well, the statement is true to some extent –- natural hair dries fast and breaks easily –- but it’s not hard to maintain. 


Actually, most black women have lately started attesting to how easy it is to take care of their kinky hair because the recent natural hair movement helped demystify the belief that straighter hair was better than its kinky counterpart making black women care for their hair correctly.


So, how exactly do you keep your kinky hair healthy and stronger?

Shampoo Regularly

Shampooing your hair helps to eliminate dirt and oils that may clog hair follicles and reduce hair growth.


Although shampooing offers excellent benefits to your afro-textured hair, you shouldn’t do it daily.


Here’s why. Most shampoos have components known as sulfates that make the shampoos foam to clean your hair thoroughly. So, what these components do is strip the hair of its natural oils, which may cause dryness to afro-textured hair.


That’s why you should always confirm that the shampoo you want to use is sulfate-free by checking on the label. 

shampoo from Sienna Naturals

Moreover, you can use shampoos from Black-owned brands. Take the H. A. P. I shampoo from Sienna Naturals, for example; it’s made specifically for afro-textured hair, and so it won’t damage your hair.

Moisturize Daily

Afro-textured hair is prone to dryness and should therefore be moisturized daily. 


You can moisturize your hair in two ways: using a hair moisturizer or good ol’ water.


Using Hair Moisturizer

A hair moisturizer helps to maintain the level of moisture in your hair strands to avoid dryness.


The best hair moisturizer for afro-textured hair should have water as the first or second ingredient because water is an excellent moisturizer for kinky hair (more on this later). 


So, check the ingredients to confirm if the moisturizer you’re buying is water-based.

Use a Black-owned brand product like the Almond and Avocado daily moisturizing lotion from Design Essentials because it’s made specifically for afro-textured hair.

Spritzing Water on Your Hair

Water comes highly recommended as a kinky hair moisturizer by most hair experts. Water not only keeps your strands soft enough for easy manipulation when styling, but it also helps reduce product build-up. 


Experts suggest spritzing water on your hair daily without drenching it for the best results.


Now, on its own, water doesn’t do a great job at keeping your hair moisturized because it’ll evaporate over time, leaving your hair strands dry. 


So, seal the water in with oils like jojoba, avocado, or olive oil.


Maintain Strong, Healthy Hair

Taking care of afro-textured hair is straightforward and not as challenging as many believe. All you need to do is use the right products for your hair, whether you’re shampooing or moisturizing, to get the best results.


A surefire way to get the best products for your hair is by buying from black-owned brands because these brands carefully consider what your hair needs and include it in their products.



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