Best Haircare Products for Your Natural Hair From Amazing Black-Owned Brands

Does this happen to you?

Every time you comb your hair, a chunk of it is left on the comb. You add oil to it, but it still feels so dry. You try everything you know to make it grow, but nothing happens. Then you’re left wondering what you’re doing wrong. Or maybe your hair is just not redeemable. It can be so frustrating trying your best to take care of your hair only for it to break and shed every single time, yet everyone else seems to have perfect hair. So, what are others doing that you’re not? Using the right products!

When you use the correct products on your natural hair, it becomes healthier and stronger. And since afro-textured hair needs special haircare treatment, using the wrong hair products –- those not made specifically for natural hair –- will only damage it.

So, today, we’ll help you know how to find products that are natural-hair-friendly and show you those you need to use to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Let’s get right to it.

Identifying the Right Haircare Products for Kinky Hair

Here’s a quick way to pick out your haircare products.

Check on the label for words like sulfate-free, hydrating, moisturizing, and water-based because most recommended natural hair care products use these words.

Here’s an example of the words “Paraben and Sulfate-free” used on this Black Soap shampoo from Growth by Candra.

Now, the right products for your kinky hair help to maintain a balance of moisture on your hair strands while keeping the hair’s natural oils intact, which ultimately helps the hair to be healthy and strong.


The most straightforward way to get the correct products for your kinky hair is to buy them from Black-owned brands. Why? Because Black-owned brands create their products with natural ingredients like aloe vera and rice water, which won’t damage your natural hair.


So, what are some of the best products to use on your kinky hair?

Haircare Products for Your Natural Hair

Here are some of the products you need to use to keep your afro-textured hair strong and healthy.

Hair Growth and Wash Day Products

Washing your hair helps remove dirt and all the products you used on it, which ultimately keeps your scalp clean. It also helps to unclog your hair follicles, which leads to better hair growth.

Now, using the right products to wash your hair could mean the difference between dry, dull hair and healthy, shiny hair.


Here’s what we mean. Some shampoos can strip your hair of its natural oils, which make it dry and brittle.


Here are some Black-owned brands with excellent hair growth and wash day products for your kinky hair.

Konjo Naturally is a Black-owned online store that aims to provide products that have fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients to protect your hair from damage.

Now, this company markets the products of seven other haircare brands (Butterland, Fro.ology, Hydratherma, HBJ Glam, Naturally Roots, Curls, and Diva by Cindy), which share the same vision.

Here are some fantastic products you’ll get from this company.

  • Liquid Black Soap and Hemp shampoo, Aloe Hydrating and Detangling Conditioner, and a hair growth set called The Growth Combo from Butterland
  • Avocado Pre-poo mask and a Rice Water bundle (a shampoo, deep and leave-in conditioner) from Fro.ology 
  • Moisture Boosting Conditioning treatment and shampoo from Hydratherma Naturals
  • Anti-itch Scalp and Hair Growth oil from HBJ Glam
  • Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-in, Mask, and Hair Wash from Curls

The Combo Special Moisture shampoo and conditioner from Diva by Cindy

Growth by Candra is a hair care company that’s focused on hair growth. Some products you’ll find here include the Ultimate Hair Growth bundle that includes Avocado and Aloe Deep Conditioner, Coconut Milk and Manuka Shampoo and Conditioner, Creamy Moisturizer, and the Mega Growth oil.

Protective Styling

Natural hair is prone to dryness because the tight curls keep the hair’s natural oils from traveling down the hair shaft from the scalp. 

Furthermore, frequent styling and combing may lead to breakage. 

So, protective styling is the best way to avoid dryness and breakage. How?

Well, protective styling helps to lock in moisture in your hair strands, which prevents your hair from drying. Moreover, it helps your hair rest from regular styling and combing, which avoids breakage and shedding.

You can protectively style your hair by:

  • Braiding
  • Twisting
  • Weaving
  • Wearing a wig

Pro tip: Don’t style your hair continuously because it may damage it in the long run. Instead, after every styling, let your hair free to recover from the style.

The simplest protective style is putting a wig on because you won’t need to manipulate your hair too much.

Here are Black-owned brands with wigs you can use to keep your hair protected.

Iconic Hair focuses on providing affordable, stylish wigs like Straight Frontal and Deep Wave frontal wigs.

TouchedbyGodBundles offers fashionable hair extensions and wigs that keep your hair safe from dryness and breakage.

Some of their products include Loosewave Frontal, Mink Natural Water Wave, and Brazillian Pineapple Wave.

Dollaz Fashion Trendz and Hair Concepts offers women inexpensive, modern wigs and human hairs.

You’ll get wigs like the Straight Lace Wig, Deep Wave Closure, Deep Wave Full Lace Wig, and Deep Wave Lace wig with Human Hair.

Choose the Right Products for Your Afro-Textured Hair

Afro-textured hair is highly sensitive, and the wrong products can cause it to break, shed or become dry and brittle. So, finding the right products for your hair is the best way to keep your hair healthier and stronger.

Therefore, keenly look for products that are specifically made for natural hair to avoid damaging it. 

Now, most black-owned brands create products that aim to maintain a healthy balance for your hair strands by retaining and locking in moisture, preserving the hair’s natural oils, and boosting hair growth.

So, when you buy your products from a black-owned brand, you can rest assured that your natural hair is well taken care of.

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