Discover Amazing Haircare Products for Your Natural Hair From Black-Owned Brands

Whether you rock your natural hair out, under a wig, or with synthetic hair, haircare is likely a big part of your regimen. Textured hair needs special haircare treatment, and finding the right combination to keep your hair free of product build-up, yet moisturized.  Finding the correct products that work for your natural hair may take some research, experimenting, and time. But don’t be discouraged, can help you discover hair care products for your natural hair – all from black-owned brands!

Tips to Identify Natural Hair-Friendly Haircare Products 

Get comfortable reading the product label and get to know what each ingredient is and how it affects your unique hair type.

Check the label for words like paraben-free, sulfate-free, hydrating, moisturizing, and water-based. These words are synonymous with many hair care products that are recommended for natural hair.

Here’s an example of the words “Paraben and Sulfate-free” used on this Black Soap shampoo from Growth by Candra.

Discovering the right products for your natural hair will ultimately help you reach your natural hair goals. And there are plenty of black-owned haircare brands creating quality products with natural ingredients for you to shop with.

Hair Growth and Wash Day Products for Your Natural Hair

Konjo Naturally is a black-owned online store that aims to provide products that have fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients to protect your hair from damage.

This company markets the products of seven other haircare brands (Butterland, Fro.ology, Hydratherma, HBJ Glam, Naturally Roots, Curls, and Diva by Cindy), which share the same vision.

Here are some fantastic products you’ll get from this company.

  • Liquid Black Soap and Hemp shampoo, Aloe Hydrating and Detangling Conditioner, and a hair growth set called The Growth Combo from Butterland
  • Avocado Pre-poo mask and a Rice Water bundle (a shampoo, deep and leave-in conditioner) from Fro.ology 
  • Moisture Boosting Conditioning treatment and shampoo from Hydratherma Naturals
  • Anti-itch Scalp and Hair Growth oil from HBJ Glam
  • Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-in, Mask, and Hair Wash from Curls

The Combo Special Moisture shampoo and conditioner from Diva by Cindy

Growth by Candra is a hair care company that’s focused on hair growth. Some products you’ll find here include the Ultimate Hair Growth bundle that includes Avocado and Aloe Deep Conditioner, Coconut Milk and Manuka Shampoo and Conditioner, Creamy Moisturizer, and the Mega Growth oil.

Protective Styling Products for Natural Hair

Natural hair is prone to dryness because the tight curls keep the hair’s natural oils from traveling down the hair shaft from the scalp. Frequent styling and combing may lead to breakage. Protective styling is an option some naturals use to minimize dryness and breakage as it helps your hair rest from styling and manipulation. You can protectively style your hair by braiding or twisting your hair, wearing a wig or weave, etc.

Here are Black-owned brands that offer protective styling products such as wigs.

Iconic Hair focuses on providing affordable, stylish wigs like Straight Frontal and Deep Wave frontal wigs.

Dollaz Fashion Trendz and Hair Concepts offers women inexpensive, modern wigs and human hair.

Types of wigs include Straight Lace Wigs, Deep Wave Closures, Deep Wave Full Lace Wigs, and Deep Wave Lace wigs with Human Hair.

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