ALittlePeace Therapeutic Brand Delivers Big On Natural Relief Remedies for Pain and Stress

It all began three years ago when Niki Love, a holistic medicine enthusiast, and her daughter, Samiyah, founded their therapeutic and self-care brand, ALittlePeace.  Niki never had intentions to turn her passion for natural healing into a business. However, with family encouragement and love for healing herself and others, she was finally compelled to share her incredible products to help heal the world.

Every product I created is based on a need for myself, family, and even customers

Niki’s goal of making products to treat her former scalp condition, eczema, led to the creation of ALittlePeace’s best sellers, the Eczema Shampoo, Eczema Scalp oil, and Eczema Scalp Treatment products through her Eczema Hair Care Therapy line. 


Niki seized the opportunity to take advantage of her success and talent and expanded her product offering, which is representative of the natural remedies she required for her own personal journey. Her products have helped resolve her health issues, so she wants to help others, too.

ALittlePeace handcrafts 100% pure and natural plant-based eczema care, hair care, skincare, and herbal tea products that contain no steroids or preservatives. You can now find a variety of healing and therapeutic products from ALittlePeace.

Eczema Care Collection

The Eczema Care Collection offers Steroid-free intensive therapy for itchy-irritated, rash-like skin. 

ALittlePeace black woman-owned Therapeutic Self-care company

Hair Care Collection

The Hair Care Collection revitalizes your scalp and hair with deep-penetrating, follicle-strengthening moisturizers.

Skin Care Collection

The Skin Care Collection relaxes the mind, body, and soul and deeply moisturizes and heals the skin.

Herbal Tea Collection 

The Herbal Tea Collection impacts the physical and emotional being, cultivating a level of awareness, calm, and peace.

Gift Cards

There is nothing like the present to show how much you care. Give the gift of wellness with ALittlePeace Gift Card for the holidays or a special occasion! 


You don’t have to take Niki’s word for it. Read reviews from what real happy customers have to say about using ALittlePeace’s therapeutic self-care products. 

Shop ALittlePeace products today for a whole lot of natural relief.

ALittlePeace consistently strives for customer satisfaction and fosters honest connections.

Black Woman-Owned | Handcrafted in the USA | Contact:

Meet the Founder

I am amazed at Allah’s creation and the human body’s incredible healing abilities. I have studied cupping, massage, and heat therapy as an enthusiast of ancient healing practices. I am a student of natural medicine, naturopathy, and my very own authentic heart. I understand that healing is a personal journey and seek to educate others on how to heal completely. My passion for self-care routines foreign to modern 21st-century medicines and my belief that the Creator provides everything we need are the foundation on which A Little Peace was founded. By learning from my experiences and healing journey, I help others heal through the works of my intense faith, the nature used to forge my products, and my gift to be a healer, my authentic self. I wish you complete healing!

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