Black-Owned Gift Ideas – The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Buy Black Gift Idea Guide curates itself at Thanks to the hundreds of black-owned businesses‘ participation in listing their businesses and products on our platform, we are able to make this guide for buying gifts by black-owned brands possible and easier than ever.

If this is not your first rodeo, then your mind is probably at ease since this is the best place to satisfy your need to buy black and find gifts for the holidays or any occasion really. Our easy-to-use platform and legitimate source of quality black-owned brands, locally and worldwide, are right at your fingertips! We hope that these ideas from black-owned businesses make for great choices regardless of the occasion.

Don’t forget to include a greeting card with your gift.

Before you get caught up in finding great gifts, be sure to check out a variety of greeting cards from black-owned businesses for all occasions. Choose from blank, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, wedding, congratulation, get well, sympathy, new baby, encouragement, friendship, and more greeting cards!

This gift idea guide includes a few highlights by category such as children, women, men, gift boxes, and so on. You can select from our black-owned business gift options displayed. Or use this gift idea guide to spark more ideas since we have a lot for you to search for and discover. 

A few of our callouts, aka black business bookmark-worthy mentions, are from our recent experience with a product or engagement with a black-owned brand on our listed platform. You can register for a free account to save your favorite black-owned businesses. And when you return to, you can easily view your favorites and add more black-owned businesses to the list.

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Gift Ideas for Children

The creator of this online retail shop knows how to pack a punch with their bags. Their bookbag bundles feature animal friends such as Bella the Bunny and Ozzy the Own. Although these bags were designed with toddlers in mind, don’t let that stop you from gifting this backpack to any kid at heart. 

We personally got the chance to purchase the Leo the Lion backpack from on opening day. We gifted Leo to an 8-year-old girl that loves cute stuffed animals, especially “kitty cats”. This gift wasn’t for a holiday or any special occasion, but it definitely felt like Christmas! There was a lot to unpack from the “surprise egg” style Leo the Lion animal backpack. The third grader exclaimed several times how “cool” the unboxing experience was. Having so many gifts made it easy to share the surprises among siblings and cousins. This gifting opportunity and choice was such a hit for the entire family. This is why we bookmarked this business on to keep an eye out for the Black Friday or next holiday sale! We just have to snag Eli the Elephant and Penelope The Pig too; those backpacks are just too cute! is based in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Per their website, they hope to deliver more surprises that you will enjoy for years to come!

Gift Ideas for Women

Boujee Hippie

Outside of preserving our beauty, health and fitness are becoming more of a top priority for today’s women. This is why this women-owned business, Boujee Hippie created a health and beauty brand to empower melanated women to be a little selfish with their care. 

We recently reviewed, the now sold-out, Bawdy Sweat Band in Pink by Boujee Hippie. Our assessment after several uses and washes is that this compression sweatband is well constructed and worked as claimed. Although we have yet to test any other products from this black-owned brand, we have high hopes for this brand’s success. We are seeing indications through traffic trends that there is lots of interest in the orange, blue, and black two-piece Razor Workout Set and their Ignite Fat Burner products.  

Boujee Hippie Bawdy Shapewear, Apparel, and  Weight Management products are hot items for women on Head over to their shop and use our exclusive coupon code BOAEXCLUSIVE to enjoy 10% off just in time for your gift shopping.

Gift Ideas for Men

Gift ideas for men are available for you to discover on If you are blessed to have a great male figure to shop for, that means you are also blessed to be able to buy gifts for them. We are happy to be a source of black-owned gifts for men, whether it’s for a dad, a brother, an uncle, or a friend, for a holiday, a special occasion, or just because.

We pulled together these gift items for men, of course, all from black-owned brands, across several categories such as Health & Wellness, Fitness, Skincare, Beauty (men want to look good too), Clothing and Accessories, Haircare, and more. Just check it out for yourself!

Gift box Gift Ideas

Gift boxes are great ways to bring awareness to black-owned because multiple products are bundled together, and many times from different brands. Consider the black-owned gift boxes listed on our platform for your gift shopping needs!


This 5-star Etsy seller with 380 sales and counting offers custom goodies and personalized gift boxes to celebrate all of life’s events whether big or small. GoGirlGifts is a bookmark-worthy small black business located in Toronto, Canada, offering a variety of gift options for many occasions. 

GoGirlGifts’ stand-out themes include Giftboxes for Birthdays and Christmas, Gifts for Her, Birthday Gifts, Gifts for Bosses, Gifts for Couples, and Wedding Gifts.

Gift Ideas for Vegans

The number of black-owned businesses servicing vegans on our platform is an indication that there is demand for products and services in this category. It is exciting to see black-owned businesses put health, wellness, and the environment at the forefront of their mission, and to satisfy consumer needs.

The are some vegans that seek to consume healthier foods. And many other vegans may have the same health goals but also seek to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purposes. Either way, it is important to be thoughtful when gift shopping for a vegan loved one.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their restrictions or do research before you click checkout. You don’t want to be offensive or waste your time and money buying a gift that vegans will refuse to use.

We have several black-owned vegan gift idea options for you to consider in our online guide to discovering black-owned. Find awesome vegan gifts on our platform now, friends!

Gift Ideas for Pets

Gift ideas for pet lovers are ones that need highlighting more often. There is a huge community of pet lovers that needs to be served. And we are glad that we have black-owned businesses in place – ready to serve pet lovers and their pets with lots of goodies!

Image…how thoughtful it is to also get a pet lover’s pet a gift too? How beneficial to the community would it be to share with the gift recipient that the gift is black-owned? 

Don’t know where to find black-owned pet stores? No worries, we got you right here on!

Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

Black-owned businesses have some of the most creative businesses, products, and ideas. From the types of products they sell to the business names, and the social media posts, etc., the talent is simply unmatched. With that said, the black-owned businesses in the art category don’t disappoint! There are many unique and exclusive pieces that would make the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself!

Find amazing and one-of-a-kind art pieces as a gift for your art lover from our selection of black-owned businesses and creators from all across the world.

Bakery & Food Gift Ideas

Satisfy your sweet tooth with treats from black-owned bakeries. Indulge in a variety of desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and pies for a multitude of occasions that serve several dietary restrictions, such as vegan. And the best part is many of these small black-owned bakeries will ship fresh desserts right to you for convenience!

Treating your loved one is at the tip of your tongue. Or fingertips, rather. 😏😋

Black-Owned Game Gift Ideas 

Games are practical and fun gifts because almost everyone likes to enjoy fun activities. Think about all the times you joined in on a game, even if you were reluctant, and you ended up having a blast. Games can be great icebreakers and a great way to bring people together in general.

Black-Owned Gift Ideas on Amazon

If you’re a last-minute shopper or all else fails and you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can find plenty of Black-owned products from Black-owned brands on Amazon where you can get products delivered in 2 days or less. It’s important to remember regardless of the platform, we can meet black businesses wherever they are at.

Featured Black-Owned Businesses

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